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YVE are at the coal face of every construction project. We take our work seriously and recognise the impact of our work for others.

We deliver work outside and often in Greenfields locations. We love being part of creating new opportunities for people and we play an integral part of lifestyle choices for the future. You’ll probably never see what we do, but if our work is not completed to the highest quality and standards, it can potentially impact people’s lives.

YVE operates in a unique sector of the construction industry, so we have developed Undergraduate/Graduate/Apprenticeship Programs to match the industry needs.

Graduate Program

We operate within the dynamic construction industry, so our graduate program has been developed to provide students and university graduates with the opportunity to gain a premier industry experience, whilst developing essential, practical and interpersonal skills.

We invite you to participate in our exceptional program that creates a different learning opportunity because it includes three core focus areas of relevant learning: technical, operational and people which is weaved in with hands on work, structured learning and real career experiences.

Our flexible program

You will thrive on the experiences across the YVE service offerings with opportunities across all types of projects and capabilities. Your learning will be managed to ensure that it works in with project demands.

Undergraduate Program

We provide opportunities that match you with a project team or current contracts that closely match your course of study (as is practical for YVE).

Upon completion of your internship and in addition to gaining the required placement hours for you course, you will also be considered for employment as part of our graduate program.


We work with our preferred training partner over a period of years to help refine their offering to suit the civil construction industry and to strengthen the learning and employment outcomes available to YVE.

We offer apprenticeships and trainee opportunities in Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

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