YVE is a high-performing water sewer and gas contractor working across Victoria on land development and infrastructure projects.

We form a true partnership with our clients, finding cost-effective and timely solutions using our own specialised teams, plant and equipment.


By facilitating responsive, open communications, we can navigate and manage complex works with end-to-end project responsibility, resulting in fewer unforeseen issues and timely responsiveness should they arise.

We never compromise on quality outcomes and have an absolute commitment to safety for our staff, our customers, and for the community.

We offer the capacity to complete even the toughest project on time and on budget, through a unique combination of:

  • Highly-trained staff
  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Plant Equipment
  • Resources
  • Technology


YVE values are a core part of our business; applied to all areas of the company, and our projects. The values feed directly into our core principle; we take pride in earning and keeping our client’s trust that we will deliver on what we promise.

Through safety, care, innovation, teamwork and productivity, we believe our approach is the right one for your project.


YVE has a dedicated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) process, driven by our tailored Business Management Tool. With a committed HSEQ team, we use innovative reporting systems that provide real-time feedback, allowing us to constantly improve our processes and practices on site.


Safety is a key focus at YVE, and over the last 10 years, we have invested resources and capital into the constant review and improvement of our approach to this value.

Safety for YVE applies to all employees, contractors, stakeholders, clients and the greater community.


YVE operates under an Integrated Business Management System and is compliant with:


AS/NZS ISO4801-2001

AS/NZS ISO14001 -2016

We are prequalified with all water authorities in Victoria


YVE is committed to protecting the environment we live in and works proactively to ensure that we comply with legislated and statutory requirements.



Our valued personnel have extensive knowledge of industry specifications and service authority requirements.

YVE continually invests in training and development to ensure staff are at the forefront of industry.



Daniel has over 15 years experience in the Water, Gas and Civil sectors and has been involved in some of Australia’s largest utility infrastructure projects such as the North South Sugarloaf Pipeline in Victoria, QCLNG Gas project in Queensland and Broken Hill Water Pipeline in NSW. Daniel is responsible for the broader Utilities division, with YVE being a major company within. Daniel has a keen focus to continue grow YVE into new markets and regions across Victoria.



Alastair has more than 15 years experience in the industry with over 12 of those dedicated to the Water and Sewer land development sector. Alastair joined YVE in 2017 and is responsible for the day to day running of the YVE business as a whole. Alastair has the senior management team at YVE reporting directly to him and ensures that YVE maintains a wholistic approach to meeting the needs of our clients, the relevant authorities, and our workforce.



Lee has been with YVE for over 9 years and has more than 15 years industry experience, working in the water sector and on major projects such as the Victorian desalination pipeline. Lee is responsible for all field operations at YVE including all plant, logistics and field personnel. Lee has a constant drive for safe and efficient field operations, ensuring all our projects are delivered on time and on budget and to the highest quality standards.



Daniel has more than 12 years experience in sewer works including a large amount of work on capital expenditure programs like rising mains, pumping stations, tunnelling, shaft excavation and treatment plant upgrades as well as significant sewer reticulation experience. Daniel leads YVE’s Sewer division with all project management staff reporting through to him. Having worked on a wide range of sewer projects form the ground up, Daniel provides exceptional guidance and leadership to both our project management and field crews.