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Our approach

We form a true partnership with our clients, finding cost-effective and timely solutions using our own specialised teams, equipment and fleet.

By facilitating responsive, open communications, we can navigate and manage complex works with end-to-end project responsibility, resulting in less rework and timely responsiveness to variations if required.

YVE is proud of our ability to be agile and responsive across the water, sewer and gas industries. We are a true one stop shop, with a business model and industry experience that gives our clients peace of mind and the knowledge that they are working with a true partner. Our strong financial position means we can get on ground quickly and deliver over extended timeframes, always exceeding client expectations.

Our Business Pillars guide how we work.
  • Safety – We have an absolute commitment to safety for our employees, our clients, and for the communities where we work.

  • Quality - We never compromise on quality outcomes and YVE people have clear and consistent understanding of the standards required.

  • Environment – We acknowledge the responsibility we have with our key stakeholders to ensure we protect our environment for current and future generations.

  • Learning - We create skills for career development, competency to deliver and knowledge sharing.

  • Community - We pride ourselves on contributing to the community and collaborate with various groups to provide opportunities.

  • Productivity – We focus our efforts, work smarter work safely at all times.

We offer the inhouse capability to complete even the toughest project on time and on budget, through a unique combination of:

  • Highly-trained employees
  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Owning our machinery and equipment
  • Resources
  • Technology

Indigenous Engagement

YVE is always looking to stimulate Indigenous entrepreneurship and business development, by providing Indigenous Australians with more opportunities to engage with us either directly or indirectly with the outcome of driving sustainable growth for First Nations businesses.

YVE refers to the Supply Nation database for suitable partners where appropriate, such as new material/service requirements that is required from time to time.

YVE also actively recruits and employees Indigenous Australians directly within the business and supports their career journey through inhouse training, development and certifications.

Supporting YVE women

YVE aims to retain females in key positions, and supports those who aspire to grow their careers with us. It’s this aim that has seen a significant rise in the number of women in key leadership positions across the business.

We nurture and retrain women that show potential to be our technical and business leaders of the future. We provide additional training and development opportunities and monitor their career with regular check-ins regarding career planning.

We have trained female mentors to help support our growing female workforce that work remotely and are located across multiple States.