YVE offers a complete end to end project management solution. From design to delivery, we coordinate all aspects of utility infrastructure with dedicated teams across water, sewer and gas.

Asset installation and joining:

  • Water, Sewer, Gas reticulation pipelines
  • Large diameter pipelines
  • Rising Mains
  • Pump stations
  • Service relocation
  • Live asset works and cut ins
  • Testing and commissioning
Water Pipeline - Project Management Solutions - YVE


  • Instalation of small and large diameter water pipelines
  • PVC, Polyethelene PE, Ductile Iron (DICL), Mild Steel (MSCL)
  • Hyrdrostatic testing
  • Utility reloction for major infrastructure projects
  • Property service connections
  • Major water pipelines


  • Installation of pipes from 100mm diameter up to 600mm diameter
  • Experience in all ground conditions up to 6m in dept
  • Trunk sewer lines
  • Sewer rising mains
Gas Pipeline - Project Management Solutions - YVE


  • Install HDPE and gas mains and services
  • Mains renewal projects
  • Common or single trench installation
Sewer Pump Station - Project Management Solutions - YVE


  • Experienced staff for the installation of both insitu and precast pumpstations Installation of storage tanks Co-ordination and installations of all electrical and civil requirements.


  • YVE has extensive experience working on live assets including rectifications, live cut ins, and complex shut downs.
  • Our Engineers and field staff work extensively with Water Authorities on planning, notifications and are on site to ensure minimal disruption to stakeholders during the execution of any live asset works.


  • Our dedicated sewer works team have extensive experience installing rising mains in all parts of Victoria.